Startup Advice from the Cake Boss

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The media has a way of overhyping people sometimes but in the case of Buddy Valastro, known as The Cake Boss by anybody who is a fan of his reality show and his newest series, “The Next Great Baker”, the hype may be deserved.

Valastro and much of his family own and operate Carlo’s Bakery, named after his late father. Their cakes and pastries are shipped all over the world and he and his team have produced cakes for the biggest celebrities as well as A-list events. Recently, they opened an additional 30,000 square foot facility where they produce their product, film for TLC, and offer baking classes for people who come from everywhere to meet the team and learn to be a better baker.

At its core, Valastro and his team still see their business as a small, family owned business with a passion for baking. In a recent interview, he offered some advice for anybody in the beginning  stages of their business.

Love it!

Valastro and his family were asked in the interview why they are bakers and all of them spoke of their love for baking and perfecting the recipes that make their product special. None of them spoke of trying to get rich or earn the spot as the best bakery in their community. They want to be the best at what they do and their love for the craft is what keeps them energized.

Be Willing to Work

As a small business owner, you have to be ready to work long hours. As the owner, be prepared to work harder than your employees. Valastro says that he’s always the first to arrive and the last to leave because it’s his bakery. He may be the leader but that doesn’t give him license to delegate the grunt work to other people.

Family is Challenging

Working in a family business may seem like the perfect way to run a business, but watching “The Cake Boss” might paint a different picture. The show is filled with heated arguments between family members and although that may be normal for the Valasto family, they say in the interview that when the work day is done, they spend their free time together as a close knit family. If you’re going to work with family, learn how to draw the line between business and family.

We’re Just Bakers

Throughout the interview, they continually come back to the theme, “we’re just bakers.” Wherever your talent lies, make that the cornerstone of what you do. You can find help for the parts of the business that you don’t know as well but leverage your talents instead of trying to be an expert at everything.

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