Startup Company Expanding With Its Variation on a Well-Known Service

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Craigslist has become the premier online classified advertising website. But a dominant force in a particular market is not cause for a new business to avoid competing. Startup classified service Rumgr has just attracted new investors to extend its reach.

Rumgr has both a web location and a mobile app that facilitates browsing and buying. Plus, sellers can easily snap images of items they want to unload and post them for sale. No description is required. When a potential buyer makes an offer, the application opens a private chat mode to arrange payment and delivery.

One of the features of the Rumgr app is called “Insider Your Garage.” This tracks the items a user has sold or has available for sale plus the goods he is watching that others are selling. Another innovation of Rumgr is that the app is location based. It renders listings within short drives of the searcher.

The initial startup round of funding amounts to $500,000 from various angel investors. Rumgr plans to expand its service into new markets throughout the US and continue product development. So far, the company has focused efforts on building a presence in Las Vegas, where it started.

A considerable presence of creative tech people has developed in Las Vegas. The community has gradually expanded by simply using Twitter to spread the word. Although not quite as culturally immersed as the tech convergence in San Francisco, the importance of the Las Vegas group is growing. A product developer planning to start a new business can readily obtain professional feedback. In addition, easily raising startup capital seems promising too – as it has been for Rumgr.