Startup Company Raises More Capital to Keep Protecting Computer Networks

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As businesses of all sizes endeavor to manage and protect their computer systems, Wanova started in San Jose, California, to make the process easier. The company has recently secured $10,000,000 of additional capital to expand.

The Wanova Mirage software actually combines several different technologies allowing businesses to easily manage PCs that handle the full computing process instead of servers. Wanova users continue to deploy their desktop PC power but enjoy software updates, data backup, and virus protection. This is accomplished by running the desktop in the cloud as a service.

Competitors, such as Wyse, utilize so-called “thin client” computing where much of the computing is performed on internet-connected servers. The drawbacks of this technology are that it requires a constant internet connection and the servers often lack power to run certain applications, such as hi-definition video.

Wanova’s approach doesn’t change the user’s experience from having a standalone desktop PC. The company simply installs a small 2-megabyte software program on a computer that adds a software layer called virtualization. The computer then uploads an image to Wanova’s data center. The image contains a collection of all files, programs, drivers, personal data, and the operating system settings on the computer. Changes are uploaded periodically throughout the day without interrupting the normal performance of the computer.

Restoring a backed up image takes only a few minutes. In addition, file access is available on mobile devices. When a company changes software or needs updates, making alterations to each computer is no longer necessary. Instead, the system administrator simply makes a change to the centralized image, which is then applied to all of the PCs.

Wanova was founded in 2010 and had 48 employees as of the summer of 2011. The company reports that sales tripled this year. The recently obtained funding is a second round intended to accelerate Wanova’s market penetration by converting the 50 million to 60 million users of thin client technology.