Startup is Looking to Help Other Startups to Attract a Team of Rising Stars.

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Once your new business pushes through its infancy and begins to show some of the fruits of your labor, you will undoubtedly look to hire employees and a whole new world of considerations will drop on to your businesses’ doorstep. Among them, what kind of help do you need, how much can you afford to pay them, and how will you attract the best people even though you don’t have the budget of some of your much larger competitors? One startup is looking to help your startup attract a team of rising stars.

The business is called Betterworks. It was started by Paige Craig, George Ishii, and Sizhao “Zao” Yang and although their names may not be familiar to many, their experience in the world of entrepreneurship is huge. They have been involved in the growth of names like Paypal and Kiva and have provided angel funding and support for hundreds of other startups. They came together to form a company tailored towards small and medium sized businesses.

Most small businesses face one key problem: They don’t have the resources to hire average employees because the small amount of employees they must perform at a much higher level than average. They have to be willing to work long hours, create innovative ideas and products that haven’t been thought of, and often they have to perform this extradordinary work for a salary that is much less than their largeer size competitors.

Betterworks’ idea is just what a small business needs: Company perks for cheap. Imagine if you could offer your employees free gym memberships, trips, discounted meal plans, and maybe even a discounted cell phone plan? Not only that, the cost to you is 15 to 70 percent less than what an individual would pay? Betterworks, currently in the Los Angeles, California, has negotiated with local businesses to offer member businesses access to these company perks for about $4 per employee per month.

Betterworks is a small business with an idea that is catching on. Recently, they hired even more employees that will allow them to begin expanding in to local markets accross the country. They hope to ultimately be the go-to company perks company for the more than 6 million small businesses throughout the country.

A small business helping small businesses. If you’re looking for ways to ad value to your employees’ compensation package, watch for Betterworks to come to your city.