Startup secrets from small business founders

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February is National Start a Business Month. Entrepreneurs who are considering business formation might get into the spirit of the month with a little advice from some successful small business owners. Recently, the founders of an online legal document company shared some tips for startup businesses.

The first piece of advice they offered is for potential startup owners to do their homework. By checking out professional incorporation service sites, entrepreneurs can learn how to incorporate a business and make informed decisions about the process.

They also advise entrepreneurs to closely consider which business types best work for their needs. Whether a limited liability company or a 501(c)(3) turns out to be the best decision, the proper entity will give a business credibility and also bring tax and business advantages.

Entrepreneurs should also think about finding good partners. Searching for credible vendors who can help a small business open a business banking account or start a web site can be an important step in making a business grow.

While these startup experts emphasize the need for partners, entrepreneurs might want to be wary of casually tossing around titles – such as co-founder. According to Business Insider, venture capitalists closely consider the strengths of all co-founders when making investment decisions.