Strong Growth For Aggregator of Online Information

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With so much information available online, InsideView has established itself as a system for managing all the details. The company recently raised another $12,000,000 of outside capital to fuel continued growth. This brings the total funding obtained by InsideView to $25,400,000.

InsideView began business in 2005 to solve a common problem for sales associates. Approximately 75,000 sales professionals at 1,000 companies rely upon InsideView for essential business-to-business information. InsideView collects data these people need about various companies by aggregating content from multiple online sources along with social media.

InsideView combines elements about the people and events within a specific company. The sources utilized include Reuters, LinkedIn, Facebook, SimplyHired, Coreta, and Capital IQ. In fact, InsideView combs over 25,000 sources of news, social media, and legal filings.

The results are complete details about the most up-to-date contacts at targeted companies. Sales professionals have the information delivered to their desktop or mobile devices. All the data is retrieved online or dropped inside CRM software programs. CRM integration is available with one click.

Armed with superior contact information and company profiles from InsideView, sales associates build better prospect leads. Users of the InsideView platform depend upon reliable CRM data. The tools provided by InsideView permit creation of lists from customized search criteria. Real-time alerts are delivered about critical business developments, such as management changes or major announcements.

The aim of InsideView is to include the broad amount of social media content within sales information. This builds fuller data for sales operations to increase productivity. The strategy seems to work as the company reports revenue growth of 135 percent in the past year.

InsideView plans to use the new capital for expanding distribution partnerships and thus reaching more B2B sales professionals. The company also expects to expand its recently launched Social Selling University, which trains sales professionals about the marketing significance of social media.