Summer Jobs that Easily Become Small Businesses

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Maybe you’re a seasonal employee or a college student working through the summer month to fill in the gap in income. If you find a summer job that you enjoy or it relates to your future career, transforming it in to a small business may be a source of permanent part time income or a full time business. Regardless of your career path, entrepreneurship, even if it’s only part time, builds skills that will transfer to any career and more importantly, gives you an alternate source of income in case you’re laid off from your full time job. There are a lot of jobs that easily transfer in to full or part time businesses but here are two that are always in need.

Web Designer

It’s true that authoring websites is a lot easier than it used to be but as the internet has become commonplace and continues to become a necessity instead of an extra, more web designers are sought after. Although the tools to design web pages have made it much easier to launch a website, those who are quality and detail oriented and have an eye for design will stand out over the many that don’t have higher level talents.

If you want to make web design in to a full time endeavor or part time business of your own, first, learn HTML, the programming language of the web. Then, familiarize yourself with platforms like WordPress and Drupal. Finally, remember that small businesses are always looking for low cost professional help for their website. Ask local businesses and friends that have part time jobs to ask the people they work for.

Freelance Writer

If gasoline fuels an automobile, content is what fuels the internet. From the smallest blog to the largest corporate website, all of these need new and fresh content to keep the traffic flowing and because of that, freelance writers are constantly in demand. Along with online outlets, local newspapers and publications can provide you with valuable exposure as an expert in your field even if it’s something other than being a full time writer.

Bottom Line

These two jobs, and many others, may have started as a summer job but can easily become a part time business to supplement your full time job and later become your career. Are there part time jobs or hobbies that could eventually lead to entrepreneurship? The best businesses come from a person’s passions.