They Started Making Money With a Simple Idea

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You can start a business around a simple idea and bring a new dimension of success to your life. Some ventures take just a little effort in the beginning and then become easily operated as part-time business sidelines.

One such area involves creating a smart phone application. All you have to do is offer people a solution to something by using this technology and you get to make a few bucks from the results. Sometimes, entrepreneurs find that this is an entrance to further expansion of their new companies. Take for example the iPhone application known as Line Snob. It all started from wanting to solve the problem of waiting in long lines.

Line Snob gives iPhone users information about wait times. The idea was hatched from thinking about the subject of crowd sourcing. A new business was launched around solving the dilemma of attracting enough users to provide enough crowd data so that even more users appear.

Users of Line Snob are rewarded with points for providing real-time information about the lines they encounter. Points are redeemed for coupons with merchants. The same merchants who provide the discounts and special offer coupons promote use of Line Snob. This populates data into the application for the benefit of additional users.

Line Snob approaches businesses with an offer to reduce their bottlenecks and give customers a better experience by encouraging use of the iPhone application. Among the common businesses partnering with Line Snob are shopping plazas, casinos, restaurants, and nightclubs. These businesses pay a monthly fee based upon the estimated amount they will earn by communicating through Line Snob with previously unreachable individuals. In addition, there are in-app promotions from which Line Snob makes a commission when users make purchases.

The Line Snob application was first available in April 2010 and had 5,000 users within its first week. The company is working on improving the technology by having the application predict waiting times. Like most new businesses, it all started from providing a simple solution to a basic problem. All you need is a single product plus a corporation or limited liability company as the launching pad for promoting it.