This isn’t Your Normal Corporate Retreat

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Small businesses are the innovators of the world and that innovation has no boundaries. Although the boring corporate retreat may not be high on the list of humanitatian concerns, it’s important to executives all over the world and that can mean profits and a lot of them. Putting for profits may have solved one of those problems.

Have you ever attended a business retreat? If you have held a position in upper management, there’s a good chance that you’ve attend a team/company building retreat. You know how it works. You head off to some cabin in the woods and take part in the corporate version of party games where team building is practiced. Then, the balance of the retreat may be a guest speaker and figuring out how to solve the company’s problems while surrounded by some great nature. (Your retreat may have been different but often the money spent doesn’t translate to a great experience by those who attended.)

The truth may be that the more modern version of the corporate retreat is a little more employee friendly than in the past but Putting for Profits, a small business located in San Diego, California has made the corporate retreat something that can be enjoyable. Putting for profits mixes two things that so many corporate executives are passionate about: getting ahead in their company and getting ahead in golf. When these two can be combined in to one experience, that is a recipe for happy executives.

With past clients including corporations like IBM and Blue Cross of California, they work with some of the largest companies in the world and they do this by combining the two things so many executives love and these two or three day retreats don’t take place in a cabin in the woods. Participants s stay in a hotel where both they spend time with a team building expert as well as a PGA professional refining their golf game. Even better, the golf portion of the retreat takes place at famed golf course, Torrey Pines in San Diego.

In the company’s words, “Clarity is the key element that successful organizations have that others do not.  Top golfers also share this same type of clarity that is expressed in their game.  Top professionals in golf and business agree that clear vision and a clarity regarding the current state of tha vision are critical to effective and efficiency action.”

Putting for Profits took the corporate retreat, something that many executives dread, and made it in to an experience that combines work and fun in a way that makes executives excited to attend and when you put an experience together that people want to attend, that translates in to dollars for your small business.