This Small Business SOARS Above the Rest

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Think about this: How many everyday needs are not being met yet? How many problems exist in the world that are sitting there waiting to make the next small business owner in to a millionaire or more? The need may be sitting right in front of you and you may have the unique knowledge to meet that need but haven’t had the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try?

We don’t know for sure but maybe that’s what happened with Falcon Environmental Services. This “small” business started in 1989 and is now the leader in a unique service that most wouldn’t think to try.

The story gave America another hero. Captain Sully Sullenberger landed a US Airways commercial jet in the Hudson River on January 15, 2009 after running in to a flock of birds that severely damaged the engines not allowing them to function. Although this story made him a hero, it underscored the need for wildlife management in and around our nation’s airports.

Of course, this problem isn’t a new problem. Falcon Environmental Services specializes in problems just like these. They contract with airports, landfills, and other areas where nuisance wildlife is a problem and manages it using environmentally friendly and humane means. The cornerstone of their techniques is the use of trained predatory birds to scare away other birds in a certain area. According to FES, birds naturally do not like to be in an area where a predatory bird, such as a falcon, is present so by introducing a trained falcon to the area, nuisance birds can be controlled.

What used to be a small business has grown to have contracts with many of the nation’s largest airports as well as air force bases. FES services landfills, golf courses, parks, commercial properties, and just about any other property that can afford to have wildlife getting in the way of operations.

Where do your talents lie? If you’re tired of going to work every day and making somebody else money, maybe it’s time to look around you. What needs are out there waiting to be filled that would be the perfect fit for your gifts and talents? Small businesses like Falcon Environmental Services was born because a need existed that few had the expertise to fill and as a result, they have become the nation’s leader in humane, large scale wildlife management.

If you’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, it may just be easier than you thought!