Three Hot Startup Ideas for 2011

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You know that you want to start a business but you don’t know what that business should be. You have a variety of interests and talents as well as a lot of ideas but you’re not sure which industries are taking off in 2011.

The truth is that your business startup needs to be something truly unique or something that is so popular that you’ll have demand nearly from the start. We have a few of those right here:

IT Consulting

If your computer is more than a few years old, it’s already a dinosaur. This is true of most technology and if you’re looking to form an llc or other type of business, IT consulting is a growing an evolving field. Why? Because business owners focus on what they do well. Fiddling with computers and reading the endless stream of technology articles doesn’t make them much money. As a result, their technology quickly becomes antiquated leaving them in the dark about systems that could make their company run even smoother.

That’s where the IT consultant comes in. By recommending the latest software, setting it up, and providing ongoing consulting and tech support, this hot job is a valuable commodity to business owners who don’t have adequate knowledge of how technology can work for them.

Food Truck

The hot dog cart, ice cream stand, and funnel cake maker are nothing new but the new sheik way to grab lunch is at the mobile food vending truck on the corner. This food isn’t your normal chili dog anymore. It’s gourmet. Some of the most high end restaurants are taking their setup on the road in order to increase revenue and you can too.

Do you have a love of cooking and a creative spark that would allow you to make some unique and most important, great tasting? If that’s you, then this hot job may be the perfect business startup.

Online Games

Let’s not play games here. There are plenty of computer programmers in the world but the online social gaming craze is crazy and if you’re looking for a way to flex your creative muscle and you’re a programmer, social gaming is where it’s at. Think of games like Angry Birds and Farmville. Although very few games find this kind of success, even a modestly popular game could mean an income to be proud of.

There are others

Anything green is hot, social shopping is hot, and selling a new product that addresses a widespread need never goes out of style. Your business startup isn’t going to be easy but if you start in one of these hot fields, you will already have a leg up on others.