Time of Fake Compliance Requests

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Several businesses have reported receiving a deceptive letter that would appear to come from an official government source. The letter solicits an annual fee of $125 or $150 and claims it will be used for record keeping and processing of a company’s annual minutes.

This is a time of the year where corporations and LLC in all 50 states face similar scam attempts.

Across the country, the Division of Corporations are warning business owners about this dishonest solicitations. It is common to find messages like “Do not confuse “Annual Minutes” or “Annual Corporate Record Forms” notices with the required Annual Report filings.  These notices, which solicit a fee are NOT from the Department of State or any other state or federal agency.  Please disregard these notices.  Neither form is required by this office or any other state or government agency”

It happens year after year and there are always new business owners that are unaware of this deceptive practices. Hopefully you will not be the next.