Trend of Moving Applications to the Cloud Spurs New Business Growth

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Businesses need information to make optimal decisions. Tidemark improves access to the data that companies need and delivers applications to manage that information.

Diagnostic tools that only look at historical data are no longer adequate for business managers. They need live forecast models and impact scenarios that are easily generated. Tidemark allows the extraction and analysis of critical business information using cloud-based data management apps.

Companies that use Tidemark provide their employees with access from anywhere to vital decision-making data. Tidemark’s data centers provide applications running in the cloud over secure Internet connections. Information is delivered in real-time that permits ongoing revisions to various business outlooks.

Tidemark has raised $11,000,000 in 2011 from angel investors and venture capital firms. The company is at the forefront of advances in business analytics that utilize the power of cloud computing. This eliminates the limitations of business intelligence applications that run on in-house computer networks, which are only accessible with work computers. Tidemark also promises that its cloud delivery of dynamic data assessment tools has a lower cost than in-house platforms.

Among Tidemark’s applications are Metrics Management and Management Reporting. This app renders suggestions for managers using real-time data reports. Another Tidemark tool is Enterprise Planning, which is a resource for strategic and operational planners. The third major Tidemark app is a financial analysis product called Profitability Modeling.

Tidemark is competing with the established enterprise application providers like Oracle and SAP. Its cloud services are offered on a pay-per-use basis. The company has partnered with other web-based service companies SnapLogic, VMware, and Cloudera.