Venture capitalists increasingly confident about small businesses

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A new report shows that venture capitalists are becoming more optimistic about their investment possibilities.

The survey, completed by the executive search firm Polachi, found that 56 percent of VC executives were more confident about their industry compared to a year ago.

In addition, more than 71 percent said that they weren’t concerned about new deals, and almost 73 percent expected steady deals through the end of the year – giving encouragement to those looking to create a corporation.

“Venture firms play a critical role in the development of new technologies and start-ups, which are vital to economic growth and job creation,” said Charley Polachi, partner at Polachi, Inc. “I’m encouraged to hear that VCs are optimistic about the industry.”

Survey respondents also listed the business types they felt would be the most successful in the coming months. Venture capitalists said that companies focused on consumer internet or web 2.0, clean technology, and internet marketing had the most potential for strong growth.

The survey points to a reversal of the trend of falling VC investment. Earlier this year, statistics from Thomson Reuters and the National Venture Capital Association said that VC investment had fallen to its lowest levels since 2003.