Virginia’s Jobs and Opportunity Agenda could increase access to business formation capital

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In an effort to make their state “tell a great pro-business story,” Virginia legislators are trying to ensure that entrepreneurs will have the tools needed to locate their businesses in Virginia, reports the Augusta Free Press. To this end, Governor Robert McDonnell has unveiled the Jobs and Opportunity Agenda which is quickly gaining supporters in Richmond. The plan will make a series of legislative changes and monetary investments to help create jobs in Virginia.

Thirty out of 34 proposals have already been approved by the Senate House of Delegates. These will increase tax incentives for all business types that create jobs in the state. The proposals will also increase access to the Governor’s Economic Opportunity Fund for entrepreneurs in the state.

Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Bill Bolling says state officials “feel confident that we will be able to make considerable progress this year in achieving our goal of making Virginia more competitive with other states when it comes to the recruitment of new business, industry and jobs,” he told the news provider.

Currently, Delaware is considered the most business formation-friendly state, but the Jobs and Opportunity Agenda could help Virginia get an edge. Entrepreneurs who are intrigued by the potential benefits of incorporating in Virginia can visit the websites of online incorporation services to learn about inexpensive incorporation.