Voice Recognition Software Company Receives Award

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The company recently honored by the Angel Capital Association with its Silvertip PwC Entrepreneurship Award is HarQen, Inc., of Milwaukee. The award recognizes entrepreneurship qualities and fast growth.

HarQen develops software that promises to bring significant change to voice communications. The company’s Voice Management platform captures and organizes voice information in a similar way to written records. HarQen’s system permits access to specific portions of voice recordings from meetings or conversations.

HarQen is able to extract spoken information by embedding voice into a data management application. This allows searchable voice records. Users are able to find and share specified segments of voice recordings. The HarQen system doesn’t require any equipment installation. Uploading of voice transmissions in entirely web based.

In addition to using the HarQen technology for sales training or customer voice recognition, a significant initial use has been job candidate screening. HarQen’s Voice Advantage product was awarded as the top HR product of 2010 by HR Executive magazine. This product captures conversations, such as phone interviews, so that hiring managers can obtain short extractions for an overall sense of a job candidate.

The two largest staffing companies in the world are HarQen customers. The company’s product is also used by large retail banks and call centers. HarQen received angel funding to back its growth. The company is not the first entrepreneurial venture of its founder. The managing director of an angel investor group chairs the diversified and actively involved board of directors.