Want to start an LLC? These Ideas May Help

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The recent recession has caused many people to rethink their career path. Maybe you were forced to rethink your career due to a layoff or maybe you are looking to start a business because you desperately need a career change. Some of us, though, have a lot of dreams but we’re not sure which would be the best to pursue as we think about incorporating a business. Here are a few ideas.

Handyman (Or women)

The recession has caused the excitement that we normally have over our homes to greatly diminish. For most, home values have dropped drastically and because of that, those high dollar home renovations are on hold, at least temporarily. Because of that, the lower cost handyman has made a comeback. If you have a talent for home repair and renovation, starting a handyman business is not only fitting for your skillset but also a business with unlimited growth potential.

Another reason to incorporate your handyman business is for the elderly. Baby boomers are aging and as they enter the age of retirement and beyond, performing home repairs will no longer be possible. Bottom line: The market is ripe for the handyman.

Wedding Planner

Forming an LLC is essential to protecting yourself and your business and if you have a passion for weddings, incorporating your business as a wedding planner is another business with great potential. Not a wedding planner? How about a baker who specializes in wedding cakes or one of the many other professionals who serve this world.

The millennial generation is quickly approaching the wedding age. The average person planning a wedding is now 25 years old and the millennial generation is averaging 24 years old. Even if you can’t bake, you can sell stationary, jewelry, flowers, or be a travel agent. The wedding industry is huge and if your new business serves this industry, your future prospects are bright.

Freelance Writer

If automobiles require fuel to run, the modern media, with 24 hour news content requires content to satisfy the insatiable need that the world has for continuous and instant information and many outlets rely on freelance writers to meet that need.

Industry experts reject the claim that the freelance writer market is saturated. Media companies are looking for outstanding writers with a creative gift that will bring literary content to the market that stands out from the millions of documents being published each year. The market may be saturated but experts agree that the market is wide open for any writer who possess a gift.

Don’t be fooled. If you’re a content provider working from home, it may seem as if you don’t need to incorporate your business. For all of the same reasons that other businesses form an LLC, a home business such as freelance writer must incorporate as well.

If you’re searching for your next career move and you think it may be to form your own business, maybe the above ideas will help you find your next career path.