Want to Network? How About a Snowball Fight

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What does a snowball fight and networking for your small business have in common? Apparently a lot if you’re a New York City tech startup trying to make a name for yourself.

Along with the many activities that come with starting and growing a business, one of the most important, yet often overlooked, is relationship building. We’ve all heard that nobody is successful alone yet often, we are so wrapped up in the tangible activities of building the business, we forget that the biggest and best opportunities are found in the least likely places. Even a snowball fight.

Venture capitalist Charlie O’Donnell understands the value of networking. For the second straight year, he organized the tech startup snowball fight in New York City on the day of one of the largest blizzards in the history of New York City. Using Twitter, O’Donnell organized the snowball fight which brought more than 25 “fighters” to Madison Square Park to battle it out.

Why would tech startups come to the streets of New York on a snowy day for a snowball fight? Ask Nick Ganjo, CTO of the new tech startup ZocDoc, a website that helps patients book doctor’s appointments online. Recently, Ganjo closed a deal securing $15 million in financing.

“I came here specifically to hire people” said Ganjo when asked why he came to the snowball fight. The day of the snowball fight, he handed out cards which said, “ZocDoc is hiring Rockstar devs!”

Another participant in the tech snowball fight was Paramendra Bhagat, CEO of struggling tech startup, Koya. He came for one reason: to meet people. He said that any time an opportunity is given to be in the presence of others who are beginning the journey is priceless. The snowball fight allows relationships to be formed in a relaxed environment. After all, what better way to make friends then to be dodging snowballs with them?

Maybe your community doesn’t have a snowball fight but it undoubtedly has an event that brings together small business owners where networking could mean a new opportunity for you and your company. Don’t miss the opportunity to make friends and meet potential business partners. While you may have an idea of what could happen at one of these events, the reason you should take the opportunity to attend an event in your area is for the reasons that you can’t imagine.

Nick Ganjo found promising candidates at the snowball fight that day and according to him, he found promising rockstars. Could one of those be you at the event in your area?