Washington state streamlining processes, but raising fees

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Starting later this summer, the state of Washington is reducing fees for some filing processes, while increasing fees on others.

The state says that beginning on August 1, there will be no charge for corporations to file changes to their addresses or registered agents. This is an effort to encourage companies to keep that information current. Starting in August, the state will also allow those filing changes to submit them through the state’s online service.

Officials have increased the fee for expedited paper or in-person filings by 150 percent – with the fee rising from $20 to $50. The change will not affect any business types that file their expedited requests online. The state says that all online filings will continue to get priority service for the standard $20 fee.

Washington state is also increasing the annual report fee for corporations and LLCs. That fee will increase from $59 to $69.

State economists have given a more optimistic opinion about the regional economy as the nation’s financial situation improves. The state’s current budget proposal contains a surplus of more than $550 million because new taxes on soda, liquor and bottled water are expected to bring in just over $200 million.