Website Testing Company Raises Angel Investment

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A website testing startup has raised $1,200,000 of initial capital entirely from angel investors. Optimizely conducts A/B testing to measure and track website traffic that helps marketers retain site visitors. The San Francisco based company just launched in July of 2010.

Optimizely provides a means for testing of several different versions of a web page and assessment of subsequent actions by the viewers. The process is accomplished by measuring the number of visitors to each version, how often they clicked through the site, and whether they made purchases or other actions. The results provide solutions to web marketers seeking knowledge of which page versions attract the most customers and drive the greatest number of results.

Optimizely sells monthly subscriptions and claims an ability to boost customer revenue by much higher than the prices paid. The company is tracking about 250 million website actions each month.

The idea is to provide timely A/B testing. This permits web marketers to immediately understand which pages are most effective. By experimenting with several versions, the optimal choice is identified for immediate selection. Optimizely has several big-name clients, including the Democratic National Committee.

Many of the angel investors are well known for their involvement in startups. The group includes individuals who are committed in active ways as well as passive investors of capital.