What does it take to start a Business?

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Is your business idea ready for the big time? All you need is some funding and the money will start rolling in, right? Not so fast! Many have had the same idea that you have but have fallen far short of big time profits. It takes a variety of interweaved parts to start a business but it comes back to one thing: You have to have the right people to help you get off the ground.

Finding the right people is no easy task, though. People who are ready and willing to help are consultants and they rarely offer their services free of charge but one company found the right people in an unconventional way.

Matt worked for an architecture firm but wanted to start a business of his own. He knew what he wanted to do but didn’t make enough money at his current job to fund the startup costs.

Matt heard about Startup Weekend and registered for it. Startup Weekend brings together marketers, copywriters, developers, venture capitalists, and other experts to help budding entrepreneurs launch their business idea.

With the help of Startup Weekend, Matt developed an idea of starting a company that makes Apple IPad applications for the architecture industry. He came away from Startup Weekend with the confidence he needed to hopefully get his company off the ground some day.

“Some day” came much sooner than he thought. The day after Startup Weekend, Matt was laid off from his job and was forced in to action. He used that as an opportunity to get his company, Architactile, started using the resources he gained from Startup Weekend. Thanks to this weekend, the right people came to Matt and because of that, Matt developed an app called Inception that allows the architect to better communicate with the client the scope and budget of the project.

Architactile is now releasing IPad software commercially and thriving. Matt was able to use Startup Weekend to get the help he needed.

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