Why I Love Being an Entrepreneur

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Some days I hate being an entrepreneur and I’ll tell you why. It’s a lot of hard work and people who don’t know me well think that what I do is easier because I get to set my own schedule, I have a great boss, and my work conditions are exactly as I would want them. No more offices, no more doing a lot of work and only receiving a fraction of the pay, and no more planning doctor’s appointments around my job.

They make me out to be some free spirit that doesn’t play by the same rules as the rest of the “working” world. I would hate to burst their bubble so I won’t. They’re right…for the most part.

First, let me dispel the parts of my friends’ ideas that are wrong. If you compare my work hours to theirs, you would find that I’m often working more. Sometimes 15 hours a day every day largely because my part time business has only been a full time business for about a year. Each day that the business grows it takes a little less of my time. Oddly enough, during the time I was a public school teacher, the same thing happened. The first few years were rough but as I learned how to be more efficient, the job got easier. I made more money with less invested time. Ignore all of those articles that have the idea that the learning curve with a buisness of your own is any different than the learning curve that comes with starting a new job.

The rest of it is true.

I can set my own hours. The only catch is that I don’t get sick days so if I take two hours off, I have to work an extra two hours before I go to bed. It’s also true that I have a great boss but oddly enough, my boss has the same strengths and weaknesses that I have. Sometimes he doesn’t “feel” like working hard that day and either do I. I have to push myself and even for the most motivated, that’s difficult sometimes. If you go to the gym regularly but don’t love to workout, you know what I’m talking about.

What’s the best part of being an entrepreneur? I love the fact that this business is mine to build and there’s nobody to blame but me. I love that although it sounds cliche, every day is a new challenge. I meet new customers, I learn a ton, and I’m doing what I love. Every day I feel like I should know more than I do but that’s what keeps my job fresh. Is being an entrepreneur the best job in the world? I think so and if you’ve had the entrepreneurial itch, you won’t be disappointed once you get your business started.

Are you a hard worker? Do you want to own a business because you want to work harder instead of less? Do you think you have something special to offer? If that’s you then get your business started. It doesn’t have to start big. Get your business registered with your state and get started on a part time basis. It will grow if you’re passionate.

If you have any reservations about being an entrepreneur, get rid of them. Now’s the time. Go for it!