Worry About Making Mistakes With Your New Business Stifles Creativity

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Starting a business is a little risky, but so is not getting started. There’s no reason to let a good idea for a new corporation go wasted because of worry about making mistakes.  All entrepreneurs make mistakes. But their drive for independent success – combined with a sound business plan – allows them to innovate as business operations unfold.

Your creativity is a big asset when running a new business. One of the best ways to stimulate that characteristic is addressing errors. Creativity is stifled by worry about eliminating the potential for mistakes.

Actually, an expectation of mistakes is a healthy mental approach for anyone starting a business. Harboring rosy illusions is unrealistic and even endangers success. By expecting to question your assumptions in the future, you’re better prepared to handle the rapid-fire decision-making of a successful entrepreneur.

If you focus excessively on the difficulties of operating a business, you will never start. But a healthy dose of apprehension is simply evidence that you accept the likelihood of errors in judgment. You’re ready to start a business when you see the benefits of being wrong in the future. By embracing the challenges of incorrect assumptions, you’re ready to learn from experience and adapt your business decisions.

Revision of actions that caused mistakes is the hallmark of a successful business. By accepting the lessons embodied in mistakes – instead of worrying about avoiding them – you form a more accurate understanding of where your new business is headed.

Mistakes can translate into business success rather than failure. Waiting to start a business until you’re convinced no mistakes are possible is futile. A plan to eliminate all mistakes is a plan to eliminate creativity. Remember that Amazon lost money for years trying to establish a solid presence on the web. Jeff Bezos started the company in order to become the largest bookstore in the world. But a look at today’s website of the profitable Amazon reveals that much more than books are sold.