Young Entrepreneur Creates New Corporation While in College

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Sometimes we’re told that someone is never too old to start a business. In the case of Jane Fensterstock, it seems that someone is never too young to pursue that dream.

Fensterstock is learning firsthand about operating a corporation. And she’s doing so as a full-time college student at George Washington University majoring in Business Administration. She incorporated Two Comma Kid in July 2009. Fensterstock created her corporation to market the clothing line she designs. The clothes are a specialty product for the growing market of consumers a hip design niche.

Fensterstock refers to her clothing designs as a combination of preppy colors with urban imagery. All the clothes are hand printed. Whether you call it preppy rogue or polished urban, the style is catching on hugely among both inner-city kids and the affluent suburban youth. In addition, the line has sizes for both men and women.

Becoming an entrepreneur wasn’t Fensterstock’s way of simply addressing a passion for fashion. Rather, she points out that she has a variety of interests. Starting a business is her avenue for pursuing any opportunity to discover and grow.

Now that Fensterstock has experience in business and benefited from the mentoring of others, she has some advice of her own. First, she points out the three pillars to create a sound business: the idea, a market, and passion.

Fensterstock took her idea to the market by developing contacts. She is quick to convey that developing business connections is easier now than ever before. The launch of Two Comma Kids required her to spend many hours searching the internet for contacts.

She wrote emails and set meetings with any promising connection. An initial rebuff didn’t dissuade her. She maintained her passion for her business around everyone she met. The lesson learned is that the contact that’s not interested today might want exactly what you have six months from now.

Passion is actually infectious. Fensterstock found that companies she admired in her industry were eager to talk shop with her. The process rendered valuable advice when her corporation was getting started.

In fact, passion seems to be Fensterstock’s strength. At her young age, it certainly outweighs any abilities that she’s had time to develop. She found that the time was right to start a corporation when she let her passion overcome any doubts about bringing her idea to market.