Your Business Should Take up a Cause

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Sure, it may cost some money but taking up a cause as a way to reach customers has helped to boost sales for businesses in all industries. Find out how you can give back to your community while making the outpouring of money a way to boost sales.

October is breast cancer awareness month but let’s be clear: Whether it’s breast cancer or one of the many other worthy causes to promote or financially support, you as a business owner should only support causes that you believe in and your number one motive for supporting a worthy cause should be to give freely with no expectation of return. Being human is more important than being a business owner.

However, once you have found the cause that you feel fits your business, a good business owner will always find ways to make their money work for them and this doesn’t have to be any different.

During breast cancer awareness month, everything is painted pink and pink is an eye catching color. Use a cause such as this to attract attention to your business using eye-catching ad copy that may not be appropriate for your business at other times of the year. Want an example of this? Watch any professional football game on Sunday during October.

Next, use the cause as a way to reach customers. Business owners are always looking for reasons to send out a postcard, send an e-mail, or make a phone call. This is a perfect reason. If you don’t feel good about using something like breast cancer awareness month as a way to advertise, call the office of the non-profit that you chose. You’re going to find that their more than happy to have you pay to advertise for them.

A company who exhibits philanthropic behavior attracts a certain kind of customer. When you give back in some way, people feel better about giving you their money. Consider putting a page on your website or use a corner of your brochure to list the causes your company has supported.

Finally, use it as a way to boost internal company morale. If you know that one of your employees fought breast cancer, use her as a chairperson to encourage employees to get a mammogram or as a spokesperson in an internet video or print campaign.

Let’s reiterate: Support a cause because you want to give back in some way but don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain more business from it. Just think about this: The more your business grows, the more causes you can support!