Your Small Business Startup Needs an Autoresponder

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If you’re a small business startup, you need to be thinking about online marketing even if you have a physical storefront. As time goes by, more and more people are turning to the internet to make business decisions. If you’re not there, and you don’t have a way of attracting and communicating with potential customers, your new startup will face headwinds as it tries to grow.

The subject of internet marketing is vast so today we’re going to look at one area that is easy to implement: e-mail marketing. You must market your small business startup online. Even drycleaners (how many time have you seen a computer at a drycleaner?) are marketing online now.

First, build your e-mail list. E-mail is different from postal mail because you have to get a person’s permission before adding anybody to an e-mail list. If you don’t, you’re violating SPAM laws which could result in a large fine. You can attract people to your list by offering them something free of charge. Maybe a free ebook on a subject related to your company. If your small business startup is centered around aromatherapy, consider offering a free book about the health benefits of aromatherapy. (Don’t recycle content. Make it new and unique)

Once you get customers on your list, this is where the autoresponder goes to work. An autoresponder is a series of e-mails that are programmed to go out at regular intervals. You could write an autoresponder series about aromatherapy where you teach your customer about different aspects of it.

Each e-mail would have a new, valuable piece of information in it. This is not the time to advertise. (put a footer at the bottom of each e-mail with a link to your store)  Just educate and establish yourself as a “go-to” person in your field.

Finally, balance is key. Don’t overdo the e-mails but don’t let them forget about you either. The more value you add to your e-mails, the better. People have become immune to the sales pitch so wrapping it in an educational e-mail will always be a better plan.

Your small business startup needs to market online and experienced marketers know that the best way to gain business online is to get to a person’s e-mail box. There are plenty of autoresponder services online for a reasonable price so start your research today.