Monthly Archives: February 2010

Georgia legislators hope to boost business formation

Earlier this week, the Georgia Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill to create a Legislative Economic Development Council in the state. The council will evaluate the state’s overall economic recovery strategies, particularly business formation, reports the Savannah Morning News.

New corporate tax cuts could turn around economy and spark business formation

Earlier this week, Senators Judd Gregg and Ron Wyden presented a bill in Congress that would reduce corporate income taxes. The legislators hope the tax reforms will inspire business formation and help America become more competitive in global markets.

Court cases demonstrate entrepreneurs’ personal assets protected by incorporation

n the midst of economic recession, many Americans have had personal belonging repossessed. But business incorporation shields entrepreneurs from this threat when it comes to corporate matters.

Debate continues on startup visas that could encourage immigrant business formation

Earlier this week, Senators John Kerry and Richard Luger – the two ranking members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – formally proposed legislation to create a Startup Visa, according to the Industry Standard.

Nevada business formation dramatically declined in 2009, but picks up in 2010

According to a report from the SBA, economic hard times may be among the best times to start a new business. Yet, this is not proving the case in the state of Nevada, which usually rivals Delaware as one of the best places in the country to incorporate based on favorable tax structures.

Businesses might benefit from using reliable credit card brand

The annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index has recently been released, and it offers consumers and owners of all business types insight on the most trusted credit card brands. This year, the Discover brand came out on top.

Seattle startup websites are booming

Tech Flash – a news provider dedicated to covering the tech industry in the Pacific Northwest – recently released its Seattle Startup Index for January, which ranks the web traffic garnered by startups of all business types in the city.

Northern Kentucky University offers free small business development workshop

For entrepreneurs in the Kentucky area considering business formation who do not have much experience handling finances, a new workshop offered by Northern Kentucky University might provide needed guidance, reports

New online tool helps entrepreneurs assess the strengths of their startup business plans

According to a report from the Kauffman Foundation, many entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on opportunities for business formation because they fear risk-taking endeavors. But what if an online resource could help an entrepreneur determine the risk of their new company?

Small businesses forgotten in Congress’ credit regulations

Last May, Congress passed reforms on the Truth in Lending Act disabling credit card issuers from hiking interest rates on customers who pay their bills on time. Unfortunately, the reforms – which take effect this week – don’t cover cards used for corporate purposes, reports CNN Money.