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Three Proverbs from Mark Cuban

If you’re in the midst of launching a business startup, you have certainly (hopefully) spent a lot of time reading about how the best entrepreneurs became the best. If you have, you have probably heard of Mark Cuban, the current outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks professional Basketball team.

Senior entrepreneurship, a way to stay active.

As Shakespeare wrote, “Leisure is a fine garment for a day, but is horrible daily attire.” Retired individuals are discovering that business activity avoids excessive leisure. Some must keep working to supplement their incomes. Others simply enjoy working.

Three Hot Startup Ideas for 2011

You know that you want to start a business but you don’t know what that business should be. You have a variety of interests and talents as well as a lot of ideas but you’re not sure which industries are taking off in 2011.

Four Reasons NOT to be a Sole Proprietor

If you have a new business, one thing is potentially on the horizon: How are you going to let your state and the Federal government let them know about it. You have to pay taxes on your income or you may have suffered first year losses but regardless, you have to report it. This is […]

Is Now a Good Time to Form an LLC?

Do you have a dream of forming an LLC or other type of business? Now may be the time. The economy has been tough on not only Americans but also people around the world. Nearly every sector of the economy has seen a profound slowdown but it could be the perfect recipe for the beginnings […]

Hearing a Complaint and Finding a Business Opportunity

Complaints by the public represent business opportunities for new entrepreneurs. When searching for a good business idea, you need look no further than finding where people are spending money on dissatisfying choices.

Seven Funding Mistakes

If your business startup needs funding, you’re not alone. In order to maximize your chances of success, you must have adequate funding. Trying to start a business on a budget is rarely a formula for success and because of that, you will need funding.

Steps to Assure Your New Business is More Secure than Your Old Job

When job opportunities are scarce, the most secure long-term employment is probably having your own company. However, the steps required to provide security with a small business are different than the actions you followed to find your old job.

10 Items You Will Need to Incorporate Your Business

If you’re planning to incorporate your business, both a S corporation and a C corporation require the same items. The first and most important item is your articles of incorporation. Although individual states differ slightly on the items they require, below are 1o items you should plan on including in your articles of incorporation as […]

Three Reasons Franchising is Coming Back

It wasn’t long ago that becoming a franchisee was the business startup of choice for those with a medium to large amount of capital and the resources and experience to start a larger scale business. This changed when the financial crisis hit and credit dried up. With the average franchise fee being $20,000 to $30,000 […]