Online Incorporation Services

How long have you been in business ?

We started in mid 2001 and organized our business as a Limited Liability Company in January 2002.

How many people work at Active Filings ?

We total all of 4 people.

Do you belong to a big corporation ?

No, we are an independent company, which means that we don’t carry extra overhead and we make it a company rule to not share ANY clients’ information with a third party.

What plans do you have for the future ?

Our experience in eFilings and our systems will allow us to become a main e-filings provider, having as regular and natural customers, official agencies (Secretary of States, Revenue Departments, Labor Departments, County offices, etc) and many private institutions. We are also developing many new services where we can put the power and our technology to work for our customers and -at the same time- to diversify our portfolio of services.

Why should I order your services ?

1) Security and respect for your privacy (Fingerprint access to all our PCs, Strong SSL Certificate) We own all of our servers and we have total control of them. There are not hosting provider’s employees accessing our information and we do not keep credit card information after having processed an order.

2) Efficiency that allows us to act very fast and to be very precise about at the time we tell you how long your order will take! We based our info on real statistics, and not just the national average of 7 to 10 business days.

3) Customer Service, pre and post sales: You can find many ways to get in touch with us. From web forms, live chat, phone, visit to our office, etc. We are not hard to reach, and our customers know that we are always willing to help.

4) Pricing… Not only do we have fair fees, but also strict fulfillment of what we charge as State Filing Fees (we always provide our customers the state receipt showing what we have paid them for your new business entity and filing).