Capital Infusion to Creator of Better Technology for Web Data Tracking

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As data tracking solutions for web retailers continue to improve, the demand keeps rising for e-commerce analytics. BrightTag is a Chicago-based provider of market solutions for both website operators and traditional retail companies. A recent capital infusion for BrightTag of $5,000,000 brings the total capital raised to $8,000,000 since the business started.

BrightTag provides website publishers and marketers with more control over their data analytics. The company’s solution tracks tags and protects against data leakage, which is caused by tracking systems that slow website performance or compromise security. Among the approximately 30 companies using BrightTag are Orbitz, BlueFly, and AccuQuote.

The unusual feature of the BrightTag system is its use of cloud computing. This enables e-commerce websites to connect directly with marketing partners and eliminate the need for third-party tracking tags on client sites.

Companies using BrightTag can monitor all of the data they are sharing and how it is being used. The result is simplified coordination between retailers and their website resellers. Updates to marketing programs are immediate without incurring IT resources or time delays.

BrightTag plans to deploy the newly raised capital for expanding sales and improving support for existing enterprise clients.