Entrepreneurial Initiative Finally Turns Idea Into Thriving Business

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Anderson Schoenrock realized in 2007 that the investment banking industry was undergoing systemic changes. This process has accelerated in the past few years. A sound career path is no longer assured by working for a large investment firm, which could fold at any time. Entrepreneurial opportunities are certainly lacking.

But before the industry changed, Schoenrock experienced everything it once offered. He began at now defunct Lehman Brothers after graduating from an Ivy League school. Schoenrock then started his own boutique investment firm with some colleagues in 2004. Jones Lang LaSalle acquired that company in 2006.

Schoenrock still had offers for remaining with investment banking. But he decided to deploy his spirit for entrepreneurship in a different direction. He left the declining investment industry and started a business involved in photo scanning. ScanDigital was started in 2007 just as investment firms were engaging in layoffs, closures and consolidation.

The idea behind ScanDigital is one that Schoenrock had since college. He created his own corporation around an easy and versatile way of scanning photographs and video into permanently preserved digital media.

Although home scanners are available to convert old photos into digital format, they don’t product high-quality results. ScanDigital solves the problem by providing a user-friendly service that delivers higher quality. Now, people who have accumulated old photos and video are able to easily combine them electronically with newer digital images. All of their memories are in a single place.

ScanDigital estimates that it has digitized more than 9 million photos and videos. It has converted images from all types of original formats – including slides, negatives, VHS, 8mm and Super 8. The result is digital photo and video galleries on CDs, DVDs or computer hard drives. Consequently, customers can also edit and share the images.

Schoenrock admits that some hard work was required to launch ScanDigital. But, he’s quick to point out that anyone with initiative and a good idea should move forward with starting a business.