Florida, Time To File Annual Reports Approaching

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Each business entity registered with the Florida Department of State is required to file an annual report to maintain their “active status.” The Division of Corporations reminds entrepreneurs that the report deadline is fast approaching. The report is due by May 1 to avoid filing fees.Now, the Florida Department of State offers business owners the option of filing this report online. This ensures faster processing – just two to three days for reports paid for by credit or debit cards.

Entrepreneurs should be aware that the report filing will only be processed after payment is received, so it’s best to file the report in advance or risk incurring fines (actually the fine for a late filing is $400.00).

Additionally, once the report has been filed it will be open to public record. Business owners should consider this during their filing process and make sure that all information is accurate. Online report filing also gives business owners the chance to make changes to their annual reports and file “amended” documents.

For more information on corporation renewal business owners can visit the Florida Department of State website. Additionally, entrepreneurs can seek the guidance of professionals at an incorporation service to learn more about the filing requirements for corporate entities and limited liability companies.