How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

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Nobody likes to be the little guy and for many consumers, the idea of doing business with a new business that is just starting out is not a preferable option even if your small size gives your customers a personal touch that isn’t possible with the larger, more established business. Luckily, there are a easy ways to make your business startup look larger at a minimum expense.

Brand Yourself

If you don’t have a logo, have one designed. Like most advertising expenses, you can sink a large amount of money in to your logo but there are some companies who will design it for less than $100. Don’t go for ground breaking. All you need is a simple design. Companies like will give you a free full version of Logo Design Studio when you order its incorporation services.

Start a Website

If you don’t have a website, you need one. It doesn’t have to be a big money drain. There are a variety of professional looking templates that you can download yourself making your yearly website expenses less than $100 per year. If you have no web experience, hire a freelancer to install a template for you. Some domain name registrars also offer very inexpensive hosting services and tools to build a website by yourself of paying them an small fee.

Register Your Business

The average consumer may not know what LLC or Inc. means but they attribute those designations to bona fide businesses rather than something you’re doing on the side. Registering your business with the your state is easily accomplished often for less than $300 by using an online registration service.

Business Cards

It might seem a little old school but business cards are still a great advertising and networking tool. (Remember to use your new logo on them) To keep business cards from being something that gets thrown away, consider printing valuable information on the back of your card allowing your customers to use it as a quick reference for information that is important to them.

E-mail Address

In order to have a website, somebody has to host it. This is what allows your site to be available to your customers online. Although there are free services to host a site, it is better to purchase a hosting plan. This allows you to use your business name as your website address. Costs for web hosting are now as low as $5 per month and along with this, you can have an email address with your company name in it. (


Possibly the best way to make your business look big is to offer “big” service. Do more than the larger more experienced businesses and get word of mouth working in your favor. A business that executes flawlessly is a business that grows rapidly.