Importance of Social Media for Businesses Addressed by New Analytics

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Search engine optimization is more important than ever as businesses expand their presence on the web. This is even true of local companies, which use their websites plus social media sites to keep customers engaged.

A transformation is occurring in SEO as a consequence of social media. This is where gShift adds to assessment of web presence. Content created on social media is surpassing paid search and email marketing as an avenue for converting lookers into buyers.

As economic conditions stagnate throughout North America, gShift has raised capital to further product development along with sales and marketing efforts. A new investment of $1,100,000 was recently received from a venture capital firm in Canada, where gShift is based.

The company also raised $500,000 in funds from a government entity eager to reverse the North American slide in job growth. With the number of unemployed individuals remaining stubbornly high, more new businesses are reaching out to government programs for cash to add jobs. This indicates an important funding avenue for any new corporation to examine. Job creation is certainly on the minds of government officials in both the US and Canada. The unemployment rate in California was reported in excess of 12 percent last summer.

The gShift software – known as Web Presence Optimizer – provides daily analytics explaining web search performance. In addition, the gShift reporting explains the causes of SEO ranking results. Analysis by gShift monitors web presence across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Therefore, output provided by gShift shows SEO results that include signals presented across social media. Both Google and Bing consider social media in their search rankings. Most gShift clients are small to mid-size businesses or agencies with common social media usage.