What are Articles of Incorporation?

A Corporation’s “Articles of Incorporation” is the main filing document which begins the corporation’s existence under state law. Once filed, the corporation comes into existence.

The articles of incorporation declare the desire of an individual or group to become a corporation. It spells out certain minimum information about the corporation that is required by the laws of the state. It may also contain specific information about the corporation that needs to be made public record, like restrictions on the transfer of stock.

The level of complexity for a corporation’s Articles of Incorporation can range from very simple to extremely complex. Generally, most jurisdictions require Articles of incorporation to contain, at a minimum, information about the Corporate Name, the Registered Agent, and the Corporation’s business address, Name and address of the initial Directors, Quantity and value of the shares of stock and Name and address of the Incorporator.

Other names for Articles of Incorporation are: Articles of Formation, Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Formation. The terms Charter, Certificate of Incorporation, and Articles of Incorporation are used interchangeably.

Requirements vary by state.

Our business incorporation services include the preparation and filing or your Articles of Incorporation with the state of your choice.