What information is required to prepare a Certificate of Incorporation?

Certificate of Incorporation, also called Articles of Incorporation, Charter, Articles of formation,  is the main filing document which begins the corporation’s existence under state law. Once filed, the corporation comes into existence.

A basic certificate of incorporation usually includes:

  • Name of the state;
  • Business code where the entity is organized;
  • Company name;
  • Company legal address;
  • Registered Agent name and address;
  • Registered agent consent of appointment;
  • Quantity of authorized shares of stock;
  • Value of the shares of stock;
  • Main purpose of the business;
  • Name and address of the initial board of directors;
  • Name and address of the Incorporator;
  • Date;
  • Signature of the Incorporator.

In addition to the Certificate of Incorporation the state can require the filing of supporting documents such as a Consent of Appointment by the Registered Agent and a Cover Sheet providing instructions related to the filing.