Mobile App To Help Families Communicate Attracts New Funding

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A single mobile app is enough to create a successful new business. These operations also don’t require tens of millions of dollars to launch their product into the market. This opportunity for a new company to succeed is illustrated by Life360, which announced in December that it has raised $3,500,000 of funding from several investor groups.

The company also conveyed that it has attained 10 million users in two years. Life360 started in 2009 and the business presently has 15 employees at its San Francisco headquarters. The company reached this level with only $1,500,000 of past capital raised.

Life360 is a mobile app that helps families stay connected and safe. It allows parents to track the locations of their children without having to call them on their mobile phones. Another app feature is a group chat function. The app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

A parent can set the Life360 app to send an alert about a child’s location. The display reveals the results on an interactive map. No need for mom to call her children and not receive an answer. Teens avoid embarrassment among their friends for having to check in with parents. Life 360 officials report that the app provided valuable information about the status of family members last year during the earthquake on the east coast.

The company plans to use the new capital infusion to improve technical features and expand infrastructure. Vehicle tracking and home security are some of the potential additions to the Life360 service offerings.

Mobile devices are more pervasive than ever. In addition, the age at which they are acquired is progressively lower. This provides a market for family oriented apps and new companies to create them. Successful businesses are frequently started with a basic mobile app dedicated to improving life rather than rendering mere time saving convenience.