New Company Launches Clothing Website for Used Styles

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The internet has become an ideal means for selling second-hand merchandise. Recently, another new company was started that further advances the trend. Threadflip just launched its website for online consignment sales of women’s clothing in April of 2012.

The website gives users an easy way to locate styles for purchase and sell items that are no longer welcome in their wardrobes. Shoppers find good-as-new designer clothing at a fraction of the original price. Sellers recover some of their cost and make room for new pieces to fill their closets.

Threadflip operates like any traditional consignment store by facilitating buying and selling of gently used clothing. Images are provided of items for sale. The findings include accessories such as shoes, bags, and even jewelry. The company provides simplified shipping and is also offering a White Glove Service for selected women to send their clothing so that Threadflip can upload images for them.

An ongoing feature of the website is Threadflip Tastemaker Spotlights, which provide exclusive access to pieces from the personal collections of fashion icons. The debut tastemakers are Preetma Singh of Vogue magazine, Liz Cherkasova of the Late Afternoon blog, Tennessee Thomas of the band The Like, and Laura Ellner of On the Racks. Each of them offers items in their own wardrobes plus highlights top selections on the website.

Consequently, Threadflip is delivering a fashion search enticement along with its streamlined consumer service. In addition, everyone wants a bargain on the internet. Threadflip helps people save money on high quality name brands as well as create closet space by moving out their barely worn pieces.

Simultaneous with the website launch, Threadflip announced the acquisition of $1.6 million in seed money from several venture funds. The cash infusion will sustain the company’s initial growth phase. This step also includes the addition of experienced entrepreneurial talent to the board of directors.