Provider of Online Video Services Attracts Additional Investment Capital

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With a focus on helping small businesses, Pixelfish provides customized video production for advertising and promotion purposes. The company recently announced that it had procured $2,100,000 of new capital from both existing and new investors. This follows the acquisition of $1,400,000 in October 2010.

PixelFish targets small and medium size companies for its video solutions. The company employs 4,000 videographers worldwide. This permits PixelFish to provide original video content at a significant number of locations.

Many businesses that contract for PixelFish services obtain more than basic video. They also get accounts with Facebook and Twitter that allow for social media marketing. Monthly plans allow customers to pay for delivery of either montage video or original video on their social media outlets. Even local oriented businesses are finding that video delivers greater click-through rates and is rapidly becoming an important ingredient in building commerce on the web.

Bringing together social media and video is what separates PixelFish from competitors. The company acquired online business directory Backyard, which uses social media to attract attention for local enterprises. A recent study found that 71.4 percent of local businesses prefer social media as a primary marketing channel.

PixelFish partners include Google, LexisNexis, and Yellowbook. The company plans to deploy its new capital infusion into sales and marketing for further growth.