Small Company Creates Formula to Bring Foreign Investments to the US

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Miami, FL – March 19, 2010, the country’s leading incorporation services provider, has launched a new product to help foreign individuals and entities establish themselves in the U.S. market: Ready Made Companies.

It’s hardly news that our country puts up many barriers to those trying to come to the U.S. Fear of terrorism is a particularly pressing concern, despite the fact that most visitors to the U.S. have good intentions and a pocket full of money to invest in our country. Whether foreigners are visiting just for tourism or for new business ventures, their visit is good for the economy. Unfortunately, their intentions are not always trusted.

ActiveFilings’ new product, Ready Made Companies, helps foreign investors establish themselves in the U.S. market without having to undergo the lengthy process of incorporating a business and getting it off the ground.

Ready Made Companies provides what its name implies – Florida corporations or LLCs ready to start doing business. They come loaded with everything a startup business needs – a bank account, phone line, local address, tax ID number, accounting system and more.

“It is not easy for a foreign person or entity to start operations in the U.S. from scratch. When it’s time to take care of organizational resolutions, bylaws, bank account set ups, accounting, etc., they soon realize all the time-consuming and unknown situations they must face in order to keep the company going,” says Nina Birnbach, CPA and Partner at ActiveFilings LLC.

Cynthia Merbeck, COO at the company, adds: “We have done extensive research on the difficulties that foreign companies or individuals have to face here in the U.S. after the incorporation process, and we’ve found that this service is the best way to start their operations in our country in the shortest possible time.”

In the wake of the recession, Florida emerged as one of the hardest-hit states. As a result, there are thousands of properties waiting to be sold and their prices make them a great investment opportunity. The state is also considered friendly for business and foreign individuals. Ready Made Corporations is there to help those who want to take advantage of these opportunities without all the hassle typically involved in starting a new business.

The ActiveFilings product is also based on the fact that foreign investors don’t buy properties or make investments under their name, but in the form of a Limited Liability Company or Corporation. This product was designed to help them do so.

With a price tag of less than $3,500 USD (2.500 Euros or 15.000 Venezuelan Bolivars), the company expects to attract a good number of customers in the next months.

This is another example of the power that small businesses – like – can have to generate wealth not only for themselves, but for the state of Florida.

For more information, visit the Product Description Page: Ready Made Companies

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