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ActiveFilings sells newly established Florida corporations ready to operate in the US market.


ActiveFilings sells newly established Florida corporations ready to operate in the US market. Our companies are delivered with Bank Account, Phone Line, US Address, EIN, accounting system and an impressive list of services (Buying a Ready Made Company) for a flat price of $3,400.00.

When you order this service we will ask you for the name that you want for your future company.

Following your directives, we incorporate the business in the state of Florida, we appoint the initial board of Directors, we issue and approve the bylaws and other organizational resolutions, we obtain an EIN, open a checking account, get a local phone number (that you can operate from your place), set up an online accounting system, leasing virtual office space, and prepare the company to start doing business.

When everything is in place, we sell the company to you at a flat price of $ 3,400.00

We have made extensive research on the difficulties that foreign companies or individuals have to face here in the U.S after the incorporation process, and we’ve found that our Ready Made Companies are the best alternative to start your operations in our country in the shortest possible time.


Buying an U.S.  Ready Made Company: The Process

Frequently Asked Questions about buying an U.S. Ready Made Company


Please click on the link below to place your order. Due to the amount of money involved we only accept wire transfers.

Our system will allow you to select this option as payment method. You don’t have to pay anything online. Just wait to receive our bank information to wire the money.

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