Startup Corporation Aims for Part of Hotel Deals Market

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No matter how many ways exist to accomplish something on the internet, room is always available for starting a company to provide the service a little better. Illustrating this situation is the case of finding an online bargain for a hotel stay. A new corporation named DealAngel began in 2011 to challenge well-known sites such as, Kayak, and Priceline.

Startup website DealAngel assures users about how much of a deal they are really getting. The hotel search engine and aggregator saves time by delivering an immediate at-a-glance comparison. This also averts trying the patience of people who typically must examine several hotel search pages in order to comparison shop using other search engines.

DealAngel ranks hotel deals by analyzing historical pricing data to compare available rates with fair market values. No more guessing or time consuming examinations are necessary to find out if a quoted price is a genuine bargain. The concept that distinguishes DealAngel’s service from competitors is that the lowest price is not always the best value. What really determines the best deal is the optimal discount from the typical price.

This model has potential application to other online buying options. Perhaps soon, consumers will always demand comparison of a brand to its usual pricing instead of just matching of prices among various brands. DealAngel is hoping that hotel shoppers are the first group to discover the advantages from this manner of bargain discovery.

Like all new online businesses, DealAngel expects rewards from repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and mention by third-party web commentators. A strong competitive field for online hotel searches requires DealAngel to campaign aggressively for consumer attention. The San Francisco company already has the backing of outside investors and a staff of 10 people.