The Absolute Basic Guide to Naming Your Business

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Selecting the right name for your new corporation is essential. It must be memorable and catchy while also relating to your business. Don’t get stuck on finding the perfect name. Your choice will result in satisfaction if you simply conform to these basic rules.

The most advantageous corporate name is short and easy to pronounce. This also makes it easy to write. Don’t think that all the good ones have been taken by the likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon. Simply think of one adjective that describes your company or the impact it has on customers. What word best describes the experience of those who use your product? You might locate derivative words by examining Greek and Latin translations.

Throughout this process, exercise caution in creating a corporate name that is a little too playful. Of course, this depends upon the type of business. Just be careful about creating a name that strays from the brand image you seek. Being clever is fine but disguising the nature of your business is not. Also, don’t use a name that’s so trendy it will be out of style in a few years.

After you select some potential names, research alternative meanings of the words. You’ll even want to consider if some of the syllables are slang in certain industries. This is particularly important if you are not in the industry that the name implies. Always remember that you want your name to match what you expect people to remember about your type of business.

Next, examine how the name will look on a business card or website. Make sure the lettering or word combination doesn’t seem to indicate a line of business that’s unrelated to your corporation.

Try various names in conversation with colleagues. Start with a several names. A list of fifty possibilities is not too many. Discard names that anyone seems confused about pronouncing or spelling. Likewise, discard any names that someone says isn’t memorable to the work of your company. No matter how many people like a name, don’t use it if only a single person finds it disagreeable.

There’s one final step that is absolutely, positively required before deciding upon your corporate name. That is, make sure the first letters of each word in the business name don’t spell an undesirable acronym. For example, Delicious Ultimate Donuts—DUD—is not a good name.

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