Why to Stop “Not” Starting a Business

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Rule number one when planning to start a business is to not worry about having the perfect business idea. After all, business is supposed to involve work. What makes being a business owner fun is achieving financial independence. That can’t happen until you make the plunge.

Stop thinking that secure success involves only large companies. There are 26 million businesses in the United States. Only a few thousand are especially large operations with outside shareholders. The ten of millions of other business are operated by their founders under the form of a Limited Liability Company -LLC or a Subchapter S Corporation.

Most corporations in the US are small businesses. This includes local retail shops and home-based businesses. And they all have a solid place in the economy. Most of all, they provide a secure lifestyle for their owners—even when they are not destined to become large public enterprises. If you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t become stymied by the false delusion that success is defined only by becoming a very company.

Your focus when starting a business is earning a living. The benefit of using entrepreneurship to attain financial success is that you get to do things your way. You control the decisions that you know are right to achieve your goals.

Starting a business is as simple as seeing a problem or neglected matter and providing a solution. It’s as simple as that. There are so many of these situations. They don’t have to be enormous issues involving huge inputs of capital and stress. You can achieve the money and control you want with a new small business that doesn’t involve glamour and fame.

In addition, you also have plenty of satisfying fun by deploying your creativity in a new business—regardless of its size.