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Your New Business Can Succeed Even When the Economy Changes

Business experts advise entrepreneurs to not let an imperfect business plan delay starting a new company. After all, markets are constantly in flux and there’s no certainty about tomorrow. An entrepreneur only needs to recognize that change is inevitable. Making future adjustments is what allows a new corporation to succeed.

Money is Getting Easier to Find

Although the financial crisis has taken a toll on small business funding all across the United States and the world, the environment may be getting a little more friendly to those looking to roll out their business startup.

Essential Exercises for Turning Your Idea into a New Business

Starting a business involves more than just having a good idea. When you create an actual corporation for yourself, you begin to feel like a real entrepreneur even before you have customers. That’s what you really need before you can bring your idea to a market.

Working In or On the Business?

One doesn’t have to look hard to find publications to help the new or established small business owner as the continue their journey to take their small business from its infancy to thriving. This, of course, is not an easy task although some, in the interest of encouragement, may attempt to convince you that it […]

Social Entrepreneurship as a Non-Profit Corporation

Many individuals find that starting a new business is more about pursuing a dream rather than making a fortune. In fact, there are plenty of business ideas that are suitable for creating a non-profit corporation.

Your New Waiter May be a Tablet

The drive through just may be coming inside if one of your favorite restaurants later purchases the newest product that some venture capitalists are betting will take the restaurant industry by storm.

Innovative Dental Product Company Making Progress With Angel Funding

The Angel Capital Association recently awarded the Silvertip Luis Villalobos Award to Quantum Dental Technologies. Presentation occurred at the 2011 ACA Summit in Boston, sponsored by the Boston Harbor Angels. The award is named after an individual who was a passionate investor in groundbreaking technologies.

Here’s How One Company Cashed in on the End of the World

The nation’s small business community is an ingenious bunch. Every entrepreneur is knocking on the doorstep of a wildly successful business if they can formulate two things: A great idea and an action plan that includes a lot of hard consistent work. The more innovative the idea, the more of a risk but the better […]

You’re Ready to Start a Business By Flexing These Character Traits

Famous entrepreneurs will tell you that they prepared themselves to run big companies by developing the right character traits. These are qualities that aren’t always naturally expressed. They take some practice.

4 Ways to Decrease your Startup Costs

When you’re about to open the doors of your business startup, either virtual or real, you have a tough balancing act to achieve. On one hand, you have to control your costs because money isn’t often plentiful and the source of that money is often your family’s reserves. On the other hand, there’s a big […]