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Factors to Consider When Deciding What Type of Business to Start

Although most businesses are started with a single product or service offering, long-term success will likely involve adding new choices. Most of the products and services consumed today are different than purchases made a generation ago…or even five years ago.

The Basics of an LLC

If you own a business, you should register it. Even if your business is in its infancy, a part time business, or very small, it is always a good idea to register that business. Here, we’ve included the basics of an LLC and why this designation is perfect for those with small scale businesses.

Have you Considered a Startup Competition?

Too many new entrepreneurs have a narrow mindset when it comes to success. They believe that the way to a successful business is to plan, implement, problem solve and grow over the course of time and most understand that this blueprint is far from easy. In fact, many small businesses will fail trying to take the […]

Voice Recognition Software Company Receives Award

The company recently honored by the Angel Capital Association with its Silvertip PwC Entrepreneurship Award is HarQen, Inc., of Milwaukee. The award recognizes entrepreneurship qualities and fast growth.

Create a Corporation to Market Test Your Idea and Build a Company Brand

You can end up spending a lot of money test marketing a business idea. That’s because you initially have to tinker with product features or develop a diversified product line with varying prices.

Bedbugs Equal Money for Some

Remember the old saying, “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”? For most of our lives bedbugs have largely been thought of as a thing of the past but just like some illnesses that are making a comeback, so are bedbugs and recently, the stakes got a little bigger. Canadian researchers found that some bedbugs […]

Ideal Ways to Finally Get Your New Corporation Started

If you’re like most people starting a first business, you are spending too much time procrastinating. Sure, there are some necessary preparations. But these are not so overwhelming that you should experience inertia at actually doing business.

Franchise Or Start From Scratch?

If you want to start your own business, you have to decide if you would like to build something from scratch or use somebody else’s business model to get off the ground. The decision may not be as clear cut as you would think.

6 Business Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Before you open the doors, virtual or brick and mortar, to your new business startup, you will undoubtedly put in a lot of hours. These hours may include business plans, branding, and business registration activities but if you don’t receive the correct information from the beginning, it may cost you valuable time and money. Avoid […]

How To Succeed With a Seasonal Business

At first glance, a seasonal business looks like a dream job. Hard work and long days during a peak season followed by several months of relaxation on all the accumulated cash. But that’s not really how entrepreneurs succeed in a seasonal business. They actually work year-round.