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Scam Targeting Florida Business Owners

The BBB of Southeast Florida informs about an scam scene targeting Florida -and other states- business owners by the Corporate Record Services’ misleading mailings.

Mobile Application Maker Draws Capital For New Creation

Software applications for mobile devises are created for a wide range of basic areas in life. GAIN Fitness has merged a passion for fitness with a useful app. The company recently announced $650,000 of seed funding from several angel investors and groups.

Get Started in the Business That’s Right for You

A lot of people just know that having their own business is the best way for their efforts to bloom into success. If you’re one of them but are stuck on finding the right type of business, there’s a process for you to follow. Successful entrepreneurs use this approach all the time when launching new […]

Bedbugs Equal Money for Some

Remember the old saying, “sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite”? For most of our lives bedbugs have largely been thought of as a thing of the past but just like some illnesses that are making a comeback, so are bedbugs and recently, the stakes got a little bigger. Canadian researchers found that some bedbugs […]

Ideal Ways to Finally Get Your New Corporation Started

If you’re like most people starting a first business, you are spending too much time procrastinating. Sure, there are some necessary preparations. But these are not so overwhelming that you should experience inertia at actually doing business.

The Rise of The Counter in the Burger World

If you thought that McDonald’s is still the go-to place for your burger, think again! The burger war is in full force across the United States with new restaurants and chains popping up seemingly every month. Chains like Five Guys Burgers and Frys, partly owned by professional golfer Phil Mickelson, is just one of the […]

How to Write a Startup Success Plan

If you have dreams of starting a business of your own, compare it for a moment to a home improvement. Imagine if you were to wake up one morning, grab a hammer and a screwdriver and start dismantling your kitchen. By the end of the day you are missing two things: your old kitchen and […]

Should You Register Your Business in Another State?

It’s not hard to find an article or a business registration company who will advise you to register your business in another state, mainly Deleware or Nevada. They will tell you that there a variety of reason to do this, most of which involve paying less taxes but the important questions should be asked: Is […]

A Slow Economy is Not A Deterrence to Starting a Business

The uncertainties an entrepreneur encounters when starting a business should not become causes of stress. The biggest concern is usually the state of the economy, which is something so large it’s beyond the control of any single business owner. This issue keeps aspiring entrepreneurs up at night.

Why Starting your Business Now May Save you Money

As we’ve all heard before, timing is everything and that is especially true in business. Investors know that being one minute too late can sometimes be a costly mistake so careful analysis and timing is key to making money in business.