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Four Home-Based Business Startups Requiring Limited Experience

Individuals with an entrepreneurial bent are ready to leave behind the stresses of relying solely upon continued paychecks from struggling employers. If you fit this mold, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or obtain years of training. A simple home-based business takes advantage of a basic skill you’ve developed to provide a […]

Wise Use of a Severance Payment

While your downsized colleagues fret about their futures, you can turn the negative of a job loss into the positive of a new business. Many out-of-work Americans are not waiting for their old positions to return as economically viable. Instead, they are taking their job loss as an opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Top Technology Considerations When Naming a Startup

Selecting the name for a new corporation is the first vital decision of a new entrepreneur. The company name establishes the brand that’s projected to both customers and investors. There’s no reason to obsess over a perfect corporate name. But the name shouldn’t be an impediment to success either.

Important Factors in Choosing a Business Name

Your first step after deciding to launch a company is selecting a name for the corporation. Before making a final decision about a business name, there are some important factors to investigate.

Ideas for Choosing a Corporate Name

The name you choose for your new corporation should convey the image you want for the company. For retail companies, a wise choice is to describe the type of business in the name. This permits prospective customers to know that the company provides the product or service desired.