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Small Business Funds Beginning to Flow Despite of The Credit Downgrade

With the recent debt ceiling debate, the credit downgrade of the United States and the political jockying alive and well in Washington, people were beginning to wonder if small businesses would see any of the help that was promised to them. If that wasn’t enough, Congress has had some tough questions for the Small Business Administration […]

SCORE Helping New Business Owners

If  you’re planning to form an LLC or other type of small business, you may need some help. In fact, if you’re a new entrepreneur, you definitley could use a hand. Luckily, there are a lot of government agencies, non-profits, and companies who specialize in helping perspective or existing small business owners grow their business. One […]

Government Small Business Program Under Attack

What are now large companies like Qualcom and Symantec both came from this one government initiative. Inventions like the electronic toothbrush also came from the same initiative. The Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program sponsored by the Federal government is up for reauthorization but conflicting legislation from Congress could threaten the program causing jobs to […]

This isn’t Your Normal Corporate Retreat

Small businesses are the innovators of the world and that innovation has no boundaries. Although the boring corporate retreat may not be high on the list of humanitatian concerns, it’s important to executives all over the world and that can mean profits and a lot of them. Putting for profits may have solved one of those problems.

New Poll Reveals 78% Still Think Country in Recession

With the economy the main focus of the upcoming 2012 elections, pollsters are providing small business owners a multitude of valuable information regarding the economy. In nearly every business, the way people feel about the economy drives their purchasing decisions. When the economy is seen as strong, spending rises but when it is viewed as […]

Are Small Businesses Over Regulated?

The classic debate will probably never end. Some politicians believe that the government has its hand in too much. Other politicians believe that the government is the sole resource for those people who have a difficult time helping themselves. One politician who believes that the government is too big is afraid that America’s small businesses […]

Tennessee Helping Small Businesses Grow

It’s talked about all the time in political circles as well as the news media but is it true? Is America really small business friendly? Is the Federal government as well as state governments really doing enough to encourage small business growth? If it’s true that small businesses really do drive the hiring in this […]

Working In or On the Business?

One doesn’t have to look hard to find publications to help the new or established small business owner as the continue their journey to take their small business from its infancy to thriving. This, of course, is not an easy task although some, in the interest of encouragement, may attempt to convince you that it […]

This Small Business SOARS Above the Rest

Think about this: How many everyday needs are not being met yet? How many problems exist in the world that are sitting there waiting to make the next small business owner in to a millionaire or more? The need may be sitting right in front of you and you may have the unique knowledge to […]

How to Make Your Small Business Look Big

Nobody likes to be the little guy and for many consumers, the idea of doing business with a new business that is just starting out is not a preferable option even if your small size gives your customers a personal touch that isn’t possible with the larger, more established business. Luckily, there are a easy […]