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How To Start A Company In 6 Easy Steps

Starting a business doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. By following a few simple steps you can quickly and painlessly get your new venture off the ground and begin to see your ideas give birth to business success. The following are some basic steps to guide you through the process of starting a company. 

Startup Advice from Costco

Startup co-founder Jim Sinegal is no stranger to starting a business. In 1983, he started Costco, a discount warehouse store that is now the 5th largest retailer in the United States and the 11th largest in the world. The business has annual sales of $1 billion and each Costco location averages more than $130 billion.

Young Entrepreneurs With Cool New Business Idea Overcome Initial Rejections to Build Multi-Million Dollar Company

Some of the best ideas for starting a business involve simple products. They don’t require much money or a lot of time to explain what the company is selling.

Fitness Company Gradually Builds Customer Base and Turns Failure Into Eventual Success

Starting a business is easy, but creating a commercial success is sometimes a process that takes an unexpected path. That’s what Carl Daikeler learned when the first effort by his new company was a complete dud. Eventually, he turned the failure into an organization with sales of $700 million.

Why Starting a Business in College is a Great Idea

College is kicking off for students across the country and that means dorm rooms and college classrooms are again full. College isn’t all about studying and attending class. Some students will put their down-time to use on less than productive endeavors but some are putting their time to better use: They’re building a business.

Don’t Be Fooled by Your Business Passion

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban knows a thing or two about starting a business. Like so many of the well-known success stories, Cuban had a string of failed career choices before finally starting a business from scratch and later selling it making him an instant millionaire. Also like so many stories, he lived what might be […]

Starting a Business to Deliver a Simple Solution to a Common Problem Brings Success to Las Vegas Entrepreneur

Everyone knows that hangovers are common in Las Vegas, but only one person viewed this an opportunity to start a new business. Jason Burke was right when he decided that people are willing to pay for a convenient solution to their troubles after a rough night on the town.

New Company Helps Businesses Hire Job Applicants With the Right Hidden Skills

Proving once again that a sound idea for starting a business is providing an easy solution to a common problem, Smarterer created a no-hassle way for employers to better evaluate job applicants. Recently, the young company raised $1.75 of new capital from several angel investors along with True Ventures and Google Ventures. This brings the […]

Expansion Capital Raised by New Company With a Product Suitable for a Broad Market

After starting a business just one year ago, George Burciaga has created a product that’s attractive to consumers everywhere. Elevate Digital manufactures an interactive kiosk that distributes advertising integrated with social media. After using his own money to launch the concept, he recently obtained $2.7 million of funding from outside investors.

Hobby Idea Leads Women to Start a Business for Making Money While Having Fun

Although gathering with friends to talk about ideas for starting a company isn’t always fruitful, two Brooklyn women found that doing more than talking can result in a sound business. Childhood friends Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow reconnected later in their lives. Their joint hobby activity eventually led to the formation of Twig Terrariums.